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• 10/13/2018

How much of a fan are you

that music took for freaken ever to find so i had to put it up here in case no one who liked it could find it, it's the last song in the last episode

Ok lets all be honest this is perhaps one of the best anime's ever shown well in my opinion it is now i never watched the OVA of Ancient Magus Bride and plan on it soon wish there was a dub but eh what can you do to me this is like a anime Beauty and the Beast, the music is absolutely perfect and the slow romance building up between Chise and Elias i love it, and the bond they share she is one of the only individuals who accept him for what he is aside a few others, I think what got me curious was the fact that Elias had a wolf skull for a head (I'm a lover of wolves) so i decided what the hell and tried it out and i was not expecting to like this at all since there's a ton of shit animes out there but i'm glad i was proven wrong here so i'm praying to whatever gods exist to make a season 2 and i hope you all agree

Should there be a season 2
  • Yes!!!
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• 4/2/2018

Does Magnus Expect Chise to birth his children?

It strikes me as odd, that Titania and Oberon discuss the number of children Chise and Elias will have, even if there is a limit on her life. Elias and Chise seem to be perfectly content with their relationship, that is in my opinion platonic at best.
To me it seems that a Sleigh Beggy's Offspring, mixed with the blood of a fae, be it a half or full blooded fairy, would be unimaginably powerful.
Chise is the child of two mortals who had the sight, and her father seemed to possess some abilities as well. If she were to reproduce with Elias during the last three years of her existence, she would give birth to another mage or Sleigh Beggy.
What is your opinion? I would love some feedback
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• 2/18/2018

Sorcerer, magician, wizard

Can somebody explain the difference between the three? Thanks! :]
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• 2/6/2018

My personal OC Ava Komadori

This is my OC Ava Komadori. I drew her myself. Need ideas for a mage though any hints.
Post image
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• 1/7/2018

Does Elias really love Chise or is he pretending he cares?

I want to know because to be honest I really hope he does.
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• 1/3/2018

Can anyone explain to me how Simon can see the fae?

So fae creatures are only supposed to be seen by magic users right. So how is the priest simon able to see them?
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• 12/21/2017

This is literally how I feel when I am listening to the opening, lmao

I love this anime, it's seriously the best one yet to exist
Ya'll mind if I praise some Sleigh Beggy?
Ya'll mind if I praise some Sleigh Beggy? YouTube
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• 11/10/2017

Elias' origins

Elias is a mysterious and intriguing character. I'm sure there are already a lot of theories about Elias' origins and roots. I'm curious to hear yours.
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• 6/19/2017

Ashen Eyes characters page?

there isn't a page for Ashen Eyes how much info does a character page need?
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• 3/12/2017

(SPOILERS) Theory - Cartaphilus has the Dragon's Curse

(Don't click this if you don't want any Spoiler's from Chapter 36)


So, after reading Chapter 36 and seeing Chise's arm with the Dragon's Curse, I couldn't help but think that I had seen that arm somewhere before.

So I went ahead and re-read the manga until I came upon Chapter 11 and took notice of Cartaphilus' arm as he was getting ready to fight Elias:

Is it just me, or does that arm look really, and I mean really, similar to that of Chise's own arm? Personally, I think that we're going to end up having to meet up with Cartaphilus and have him help Chise get her arm under control.
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• 12/2/2016
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