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Adolf Stroud (アドルフ・ストラウド Adorufu Sutoraudo) is a Sorcerer at the College.[1][2] He is a former pupil of Lindel.[3]


Adolf has the appearance of a young man in his early twenties, despite being much older, and has pale white or blonde hair. He often sports glasses and wears a hairband to keep his long hair in a ponytail.


Adolf is someone who is cordial with his fellow members of the College, but harbors some uncertainties about Elias. However, as they share the same contact with Lindel as pseudo-apprentices, he tries to connect with him. He seems to harbor deep regrets at being unable to become a magus like Lindel.


He was born in a small German town called Dresden. His parents were doctors, but they felt he didn't have talent to keep up the family tradition and he would often be scolded for his grades. He left before second World War and met Lindel at some point during 1940, only to return to his home later and find everything destroyed, only coming to appreciate everything that he lost once it was gone and now only in his memories.


College Arc

During the College Arc, he mostly tries to better understand Elias as there are a lot of uncertainties with his past. To that end he calls up Lindel for advice and later finds Elias spying on Chise whenever she has class. He then relates his past to Elias as he tries to comprehend the feelings he has at seeing Chise look at others in a different way than himself.

However, Elias does point out that Adolf was scared of him and wouldn't have approached him without understanding something from him from Lindel, so Adolf does admit that he's scared but not only of him. He then leaves Elias with the advice that he should ask other people to get different answers to his questions because the world is changing.

Skills and Abilities

  • Longevity: He has some form of longevity as he was born well before the events of World War II and met Lindel during 1940.


  • "It's slow going, but the world is changing. Things that were inconceivable a century ago are a matter of course now. For instance, a being like you can be with a human child. You should stay curious and ask what you want to whomever you want. You'll receive a lot of different answers."[4]



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