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Akiko Hatori (羽鳥晶子, Hatori Akiko) is a distant relative of Chise thorugh marriage, her husband Shouji forced her to take her in to avoid having a negative reputation and raised her along her two sons.

However, Akiko was heavily negligent of of Chise and was constantly complaining to her husband due to his buisness trips leaving him not deal with the young mage to be. Like most humans Akiko could not see the neighbors, and thus did not know the torment that Chise went through on a daily basis, instead seeing her as a problem child and a burden. 


Akiko appears to be an average sized woman with a slender figure. She is seen wearing a grey pullover sweater and jeans and always has a stern expression on her face when Chise is in her presence. This may stem from the stress of having to take care of three young children by herself.




Those Who Wait For Awaiting A Star: Part 1



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