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Alexandra Heath (アレクサンドラ・ヒース, Arekusandora Hisu) is a wizard who works for the College as a nurse in charge of the medical quarters. She is a Muryan, a wizard who has undergone a transformation of the body. In her case, she has reached the third stage of transformation.


Being a Muryan she has transformed her body to the extent that her body appears to have been merged into something akin to a caterpillar, with only her torso and lower face remaining human. She has four arms that are functional and several students have noted that she seemed "squishy".


Alexandra appears to be an enthusiastic woman who does her job well, finding Chise's current state intriguing but maintaining her professional ethics.


At some point in the past she successfully achieved the third stage of transformation.


Alexandra first appears when Chise arrives at the Medical Quarters, taking information on her body's changes since her curses had settled in. She puts her through several questions and tells her to return at a later date.

Some time later she is seen looking after Zoey Ivy and inquiring about his medical condition before asked whether or not she knew anything about Chise as a potential source of stress.

Skills and Abilities

  • Inhuman Physiology: Her transformation has left her in a state where she can't go out into the regular world, but it has provided her with extra limbs and likely other augmentations.


None revealed so far.


  • (To Chise): "Oh, usually they show more of a reaction at first. Then again I suppose you'd be used to it, being a magus and all."
  • (To Chise): "In fact, the College has quite a lot of people who've completely transformed themselves like me. The higher-ups made it that way so that we can keep on working her, since we can't exactly go out looking like this."


None so far.



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