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Alonza is a high-ranking member of the Church and direct supervisor of both Gabriella and Simon, she is a Shepard who has control over the observation faction that observes the supernatural activities within the world.


A woman with dresses in black with white, she has either red or brown hair that has waves in it. Her finger nails are painted black as well.


Simon mentions her as someone who wouldn't push an issue or conflict, nor stress about the details of the reports he sends her. She doesn't seem to like making excess work for herself by sending out an auditor, finding Simon's place near Elias as being best-suited for him and giving Gabriella the go ahead to act as she wished. Despite being somewhat rude, she is someone both of them respects and cares for Simon in her own way.



She made contact with Simon after the death of his loved one, having heard about his circumstances and done her own investigation. She revealed the nature of his jinx to him in order to stop him from from slitting his own throat with a blade and then told him that she would forgive him in God's place if he became her loyal little lamb. She then put him through schooling to become a priest and sent him to Elias because she figured he wouldn't pick a fight with him and if he ended up killing him, that's what Simon wanted.


Gabriella calls her to inform her about the situation with the auditor and gives her consent to act as she pleases once.

Skills and Abilities

  • Stealth: She has some form of stealth that allows her to go undetected until she wishes to be seen.


  • Simon: She was the one who revealed Simon's jinx to him. Despite her someone what dismissive language towards him, she took the time to tell him that it was not directly his fault for those deaths and offered him a chance to repent if he felt like it by living as one of her followers.
  • Gabriella: Though they don't seem to communicate nearly as much as with Simon, Gabriella respects Alonza enough to get her permission and follow her orders.


  • (To Simon) "Do you really think your one death would be enough to atone for all of theirs? Continuing on with your wretched and tortured existence seems like more of a punishment to me."[1]
  • (To Simon) "I'll take your god's place and soothe your wounds. All you have to do in return is be my obedient little lamb."




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