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David Barley

David is Angelica's husband. Unlike Angelica, David is not a magus and works a normal job. He fell in love with Angelica when he was still a young boy and pursued her for a long time until she finally relented and married him. He admits to Chise that he is relieved he won't die alone due to Angelica's longevity as a magus, but worries about leaving his wife and daughter behind as they will both outlive him. According to David, Angelica likely rejected him for years because she was afraid of watching her loved ones pass on before her.

Althea Barley


Elias Ainsworth

Elias has known Angelica since she was a child. He would always make teddy bears to give to her as presents, something he now does for her daughter. The two of them appear to be on friendly terms, though Angelica often scolds Elias for his strange behaviors as a result of not being able to understand humans. In her first appearance, she scolded Elias for buying Chise like a product and then later punched him in the gut for doing "weird" things to her.

Elias relies on Angelica's skills as an artificer to help control Chise's powers as a Sleigh Beggy. She has made a ring and a bracelet for her that help to seal her magic in order to prolong her life.

Chise Hatori

Angelica is one of the first people to learn of Chise's nature as a Sleigh Beggy. Over the course of the series, she becomes somewhat of a secondary guardian to Chise and begins treating her like a second daughter. The two of them appear to be in friendly terms, with Angelica assisting Chise in her magical studies with learning materials like books and magic stones which she sends to their home from time to time. When Chise became afflicted with the Dragon's Curse Angelica slapped her as punishment for her foolishness, stating that she would have done the same to her own daughter.

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