魔法使いの嫁 グランドPV

A three-part prequel anime was announced in the fifth volume of the manga. The series will be titled Mahō Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito (魔法使いの嫁 星待つひと?The Ancient Magus' Bride - The Man Who Waits for Stars). It will be directed by Norihiro Naganuma and written by Kore Yamazaki, with scripts by Aya Takaha. Wit Studio is producing the animation. Hirotaka Katō will design the characters and Bamboo is in charge of the background art. The series' music is produced by Flying Dog.

The episodes will be bundled with the sixth, seventh, and eighth volumes of the manga on September 10, 2016; March 10, 2017; and September 9, 2017. The first episode will be shown in theaters for two weeks, starting on August 13, 2016.

Main staff:[1]

Director: Norihiro Naganuma (Yowamushi Pedal The Movie)
Scenario: Aya Takaha (Psycho-Pass)
Character Design: Hirotaka Kato (Hozuki no Reitetsu)
Arts: Bamboo
Music Production: Flying Dog
Anime Production: WIT STUDIO (Attack on Titan)
Distribution: Shochiku
Planning, Production: Production I.G

Main Voice Cast:

Chise Hatori: Atsumi Tanezaki (Moe Nishinosono in Subete ga F ni Naru)
Elias Ainsworth: Ryota Takeuchi (Heroman in HEROMAN)
Ruth: Kouki Uchiyama (Banagher Links in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
Silky: Aya Endo (Totoko in Osomatsu-san)


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