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Ao is a young Japanese orphan. He is one of the main protagonists of the Mahou Tsukai no Yome Psalm 108: Wizard's Blue series. He is the apprentice and groom of giselle.


Ao is a Japanese boy with light-blue hair.



He spent most of his childhood in "the veiled catacombs" (also called "the forgotten city"), which is a place beneath the streets of Paris. Ao is a skilled painter, though he is prohibited from using the color blue.


"A beast is to be married today". Ao is asked to paint the portrait of Giselle, a powerful mage from Paris with a creatural appearance. He accidentally wields a rare form of Magic before the very eyes of Giselle, which piques her curiosity. The painting ruined, he promises to to redo her portrait. They meet once again, but are eventually attacked by a monster made of a mass of dead spirits taking a dragon form. With the help of Ao, Giselle successfully defeats the dragon. She sees a lot of potential in him, and decides, against all odds, to take him as her groom.

Skills and Abilities


Giselle is Ao's bride





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