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Ariel (アリエル Ari Eru) are a type of Faerie that govern the winds. They are playful and mischievous, drawn in by storms and have some ability to affect them should they choose to do so.[1]


Ariels are known for being very small compared to humans, each being similar in size to a small bird. They generally have a humanoid form, with the exception of their wings and feet which resemble those of a bird, their antennae, which have an insect-like look to them, and can come in a wide range of shapes and their ears which are pointed thus having an elf-like look to them.

Their skin comes in a pale colour and their eyeballs are black with red irises, while their hair can come in a wide range of colours and styles. They have bird-like feathery wings that are attached to their shoulders, allowing them to fly, with some also possesses a tail feather and/or a tuft of feathers on their chest.

None of the Ariels seen so far in the series have worn clothes, but unlike humans they don't appear to have any reproductive organs and are most likely sexless. Despite that, they do appear to have genders of male or female.

Personality Traits

Though overall personalities vary among their kind, they are generally said to be quite mischievous despite their innocent appearance and are attracted to anything new, especially Sleigh Beggies. Some Ariels prefer to be called Neighbors, rather than Faeries, considering the latter term dull.

Skills and Abilities

  • Flight: Using their wings, Ariels are able to fly.
  • Magic: Like all Faeries they can use magic for themselves or to aid others. Ariels are distinguished for their assistance with the power of Wind, an element best for purification and guiding. They can also mitigate the effect of storms to an extent.

Notable Ariels


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