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Ashen Eye (灰ノ目 Hai no Me): is a very old Faerie.


Ashen Eye is described in the Official Guide Book: Merkmal as androgynous. The ancient fae typically wears a brown shroud and veils that makes it look like a desert-wandering nomad, and wields a simple wooden staff. Ashen Eye shows two thin, almost mummified-looking limbs, that could be taken as human but actually has four arms with two usually kept hidden in their shroud.

Underneath the shroud, Ashen Eye's face has 3 purple eyes with spiraling pupils. It also has what appears to be scorpion-like appendages.[2]


Ashen Eye has a perplexing relationship with humans, taking interest in the fleeting nature of a human life in comparison to a Neighbor's. Ashen Eye cherishes the moment a child becomes an adult, but also takes pleasure out of seeing a human shaken to the core of their soul. The ancient fae even regards it as love.[3]

Ashen Eye will often play very dark tricks on humans. These tricks are made as a game, where the outcome of a loss invariably results in tragedy for their victims. However, there is always a way to win for those who are cunning enough, and Ashen Eye may even give cryptic hints to help its adversaries figure out what they must do. Ashen Eye does not mind losing, as long as it gets to witness the struggle of its victims, whom they may compliment and sometimes even reward if they manage to overcome the challenge.

While Ashen Eye does not seem to be inherently evil, the ancient fae likes amusement at the expense of everyone else. It is possible that in cases like the kidnapping of Ethan, entering a contract with Stella, and throwing the pelt unexpectedly over Chise, Ashen Eye considers themselves teaching a life lesson.

Ashen Eye seems to enjoy watching the suffering of others. While this may indicate a sadistic personality, it is also possible that Ashen Eye simply finds pain to be the most interesting emotion to observe. This is what made the ancient fae interested in both Chise and Joseph. Once Joseph chooses to stop struggling, Ashen Eye seems to lose interest in him and spends time sulking.

Ashen Eye seems to dislike mages to some extent, apparently holding the opinion that they enslave and bind the faerie. This may be a reason why Ashen Eye often targets Chise and Elias.


Not much is known about Ashen Eye's past except that it has been alive for at least a millennia.[4]


Ashen Eyes first appears greeting Chise and bequeathing her with an animal skin that she can use to shapeshift as a means of testing how loyal she was to Elias. Ashen Eye is later revealed as the one responsible for the disappearance of Stella's brother, having overheard her request and decided to take her up on the offer. Ashen Eye then challenges Chise and Stella to find Elias, who is taken captive, and congratulates them upon succeeding. In parting, Ashen Eye also warns Stella against speaking so carelessly since one doesn't know who will be listening.

Later on, Ashen Eye works alongside Joseph in capturing Stella and Chise. A conflict ensues with Elias decapitating Ashen Eye, but after recovering it returns to try and coax Joseph out of accepting his defeat before leaving disappointed.

Ashen Eye returns shortly afterwards, once more appearing before Stella. It claims to be lost in the mists and sulking over having its fun ruined but Stella threatens to find some way to make Ashen Eye regret it if the ancient fae threaten Chise again. Intrigued by her words, Ashen Eye then decides to make a contract with Stella and watches over her to see how long she can keep her promise to protect Chise.

He later appears to intercept a letter from Chise to Stella, forewarning the latter that Chise would likely meet danger in her camping trip.

Skills and Abilities

Ashen Eye is an extremely ancient member of the Faerie and has the abilities to match. The fae has even managed to overwhelm Elias and keep him confined briefly due to the strength of its magic.

  • Magic: Ashen Eye possess very potent magic, along with a variety of different kinds.
    • Teleportation: Ashen Eye can teleport using black smoke or portals of shadow.
    • Memory Manipulation: Ashen Eye has demonstrated the ability to erase the knowledge of a person's very existence from the minds of others.
  • Immortality: Ashen Eye is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to kill. Even after Elias had decapitated the ancient fae, Ashen Eye reappeared later while seemingly having suffered no ill effects aside from a short setback.


Chise Hatori

Ashen Eye regards Chise with amusement, being aware of how she has struggled and finding beauty in it.


Ashen Eye found Joseph's constant struggle to stay alive something of interest and so, despite normally loathing mages, offered to assist him. Joseph deciding to surrender and refusing subsequent offers seemed to leave the fae disinterested.

Stella Barklem

Ashen Eye took interest in Stella after she had declared her intention of standing up to them to protect Chise. Ashen Eye then made a contract with her to see if she could uphold that pledge. This may also indicate he may be her familiar.


  • (To Stella) "Maybe its the company you choose to keep, dear. You don't have the Sight and yet here you are, all caught up in this nasty business."[5]
  • (To Stella) "Stella, was it? Foolish, and beautiful. I like that. You don't even realize the friend you cherish so much is why you've become entwined in our affairs. And yet you stand by her side, eh? Such a kind one, you are. Very well, child of man. No, Stella, I'll teach you just what it means... to make a contract with one of my kind."[6]




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