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Beatrice Byrne  is a student attending the College and a classmate of Rian who attends Professor Ainsworth class. She is among one of the first students that Chise encounters and is quick to befriend her.


A young woman who has long hair that flows down her back while being parted in the front. She has a somewhat stout figure and wears glasses along with a sweater variant of the student uniform.


Beatrice appears to be a nice girl, inviting Chise to sit with their group and informing her of the different students who were in attendance. She also seems to have some fascination with Elias due to the nature of his body.


She has been attending the College since primary school. Before attending she was often learning her family's trade with the creation of familiars,as well as farming.[1]


Beatrice first appears upon during Elias' first class, where she was one of the students who first attended and bore witness to Elias' true appearance. She appeared to be taken by the structure of his body and then later invited both the professor and Chise to eat lunch with them, where she introduced her other friends.

She later works with Chise to take care of her familiars, as that's part of her family's trade.

Skills and Abilities

  • Familiars: Her family specializes in care taking of and creation of living familiars.


Chise Hatori

So far her relationship with Chise consists of being classmates, though she's quite friendly.

Sofia Healey

Beatrice and Sofia are roommates at The College.


None so far.


None so far.


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