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Black Grim (ブラック・グリム Burakku gurimu): are a type of Fae that were once hounds, with their being different pedigrees such as Church Grims, who once served a Goddess of Death[1]. They are likely born from hounds that die within graveyards, awakening as fae with the duty of protecting the dead and driving away those that would defile their place such as grave robbers and evil spirits.


The often have canine appearances with black fur.

Personality Traits

They are loyal and fear little, devoted to a place or person and willing to protect them the bitter end.

Skills and Abilities

  • Can Travel Through Shadows
  • Breath Fire
  • Shapeshift
    • Note: This is only somehting Ruth can do.

Notable Black Grim

  • Ruth - Familiar of Chise Hatori


  1. The Golden Yarn, The Sun and The Dead Alchemist, Page 253.


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