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Brownie (ブラウニー Buraunī) are a type of harmonious Fae that are known to dwell within homes and perform tasks such as cleaning, as well as play pranks, both of which define them[1].

They typically hate human compassion and sympathy that comes from an inferiority complex, as while humans could make homes they could only move into them. That was why they helped out, to earn their keep rather than being allowed to live there or being pitied, which was poisonous to them enough that they would leave under normal circumstances[2]

House Brownies will rarely fight among themselves since their role is to protect their own domain. However, when their goals conflicted they approved of damage done in the name of protection. To protect what is theirs, they will attack viciously and without mercy.[3]

A brownie cannot be a brownie without living with humans. Instead they become something else.


Brownies can have a variety of different appearances, but most are usually small at roughly a few feet tall. Some are changed by their environment, such as Rust Eyes having a rust-toned skin from living at a Black Smith's home or Gray Walls having gray skin, and often wear rags but never clothes. Some have claws and fangs that can easily tear into a human's skin.

The Silver Lady is a notable exception due to having been a Banshee that was transformed into a Silky.

Skills and Abilities

Brownies are known for being fast and nimble to help out with their housework. They typically have some measure of control over their domain as well.

Notable Brownie


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