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Cartaphilus (カルタフィルス Karutafirusu): is an unknown being that has lived for over 2000 years, eventually being found and later fused with a man named Joseph.


Cartaphilus' appearance is largely unknown due to being covered in bandages, though he has been mistaken for a corpse due to the fact that his body rots despite his immortality.


Cartaphilus' personality is largely unknown while separate from Joseph.


Around 2000 years ago, during the execution of Jesus, Cartaphilus threw stones at him and was cursed to be immortal. At some point, he ended up being buried alive and was dug up by Joseph, who took care of him before merging with him to become one.


Cartaphilus' merger with Joseph drives his desire to live without pain, so it's presumably his doing that most of the actions that have been undertaken in the story.

Skills and Abilities

  • Immortality: A blessing and a curse received for his indiscretion, it prevents him from dying no matter what. But it does not stop him from rotting or suffering harm.



Cartaphilus and Joseph share a body.




  • Cartaphilus is the name of a legendary figure, called the "Wandering Jew" in English. Cartaphilus was cursed with eternal life following an indiscretion directed towards Jesus of Nazareth.



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