Cats are small creatures that live alongside humans and are sometimes valued by them for companionship.

Many cats live in Ulthar.


Notable Cats



Cats gain the ability to be understood by humans and communicate with them the more lives they lost.


Cats are known to have a different lifespan from other creatures. They can only live up to their 9th lives.


  • Cats are often linked to magic in several cultures, particularly with witches.
  • Cats gathering in the town of Ulthar is a reference to the short story The Cats of Ulthar, by American author H.P. Lovecraft. The town is noted in the story for having a very explicit law that "in Ulthar, no man may kill a cat."
  • There is an old saying that cats have nine lives. This is thought to have originated with the Scottish cat sidhe myths, which make mention of a large, spectral black cat with a white patch on its chest. The cat sidhe was said to be either one of the fae, or a type of witch that had the ability to shapeshift into a cat nine times. If a tenth try was attempted, the witch would be trapped in their cat form permanently.


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