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Changeling (変化 Henka) are a type of Faerie that are swapped at birth with human babies, and thus raised in the human world. As they are often left unaware of their nature, they usually only become aware that they aren't human later in life due to their longevity or other factors.


Changelings have similar appearances to humans, with only a few distinguishing factors that may appear to show that they aren't fully human. These include things such as pointed ears.

Skills and Abilities

  • Magic: As they are fae, changelings naturally have access to the same magic that other fae possess. They only need proper training or awareness to use them consciously.
    • Invisibility: They can mask their appearance from the unaware, becoming invisible and even hiding their footsteps.
  • Longevity: As they are fae, they have incredibly long lifespans and so they will age much slower than other humans upon reaching adulthood.

Notable Changeling



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