Live and let live. (生きて生きる。Ikite ikiru): is the 45th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise Hatori and Joseph / Cartaphilus continue and complete their confrontation and their debate about relative suffering and rights to hurt or judge another person. Most of the major beings in Chise's life become involved in the fight and resolution. Afterwards, Chise meets briefly with Angelica Barley to get some work that she commissioned, and Angelica gives her a present that seems appropriate. Stella Barklem and her family give Chise a surprise birthday party. Chise and Elias Ainsworth discuss the future of their deepening relationship. Chise enrolls in the College of Magic.


After listening to Joseph / Cartaphilus's justifications for his harmful behavior, Chise Hatori attempts to hit him. Ashen Eye abruptly appears, having assisted Joseph/Cartaphilus in kidnapping Stella Barklem and setting up this situation in order to enjoy the human emotions that it evokes. Joseph / Cartaphilus continues to argue that Chise does not appreciate the care that she received, however grudgingly, after her mother's death. He releases centipedes and declares his intention to live and be happy.

At this moment, Ruth and Elias Ainsworth appear to support Chise, and Joseph/Cartaphilus demands Ashen Eye's continued support. Jade Ariel appears in support. Elias tells Ruth to protect Chise, and he uses his thorns to entangle Joseph/Cartaphilus and Ashen Eye, but the latter frees them. Chise admits that she has dwelt too much on her sufferings, and Joseph/Cartaphilus has suffered more, but it does not give him the right to inflict suffering on other people. He, in turn, accuses her of doing the same by not considering how her self-sacrifices afflict those who love her. Chise tries to put a sleeping spell on Joseph/Cartaphilus, but it fails because he has her eye, and he stabs Chise. Ruth retrieves Chise's eye, Elias entangles the combatants in thorns, and Chise meets up with her immortality.

Immortality informs her that he and the dragon within her have reached an agreement: the dragon will give her power and he will allow her to live a long time, not knowing how long. He will be a blessing as long as she loves life. He then sends her to Elias.

Elias recounts the recent events to Simon Cullum and Chise sets out for Stella Barklem's party after Elias reminds her of the precautions that they have agreed she will take. Chise looks in on Joseph / Cartaphilus, who is sleeping in a large bed in a well-like structure, and covers him with a blanket. Ashen Eye attempts to rouse him to renew the conflict, but he says that he is happy to sleep for a few centuries if he doesn't have to see Chise. A disgruntled Ashen Eye departs.

Chise next meets up with Angelica Barley to pick up items that she has commissioned. Angelica says that she still thinks Chise is too young, but give her a gift that seems appropriate. Chise arrives at the Barklems' to find that it is a family surprise party for herself, her first birthday party.

Chise leaves early, and meets up with Elias wearing the beautiful dress that was Stella's present and, as a shawl, the veil that was Angelica's present. She gives Elias one of the rings that she commissioned. The rings allow them to keep in better communication, and, worn on their left hand ring fingers, symbolize their deepening relationship, although Chise is not yet ready to marry. They agree to take Stella's advice that language allows us to sort out our differences.

While continuing her studies with Elias, Chise also enrolls in the magical College.

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