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Birds of a feather flock together I (羽毛の鳥は一緒に群がる。 I Umō no tori wa issho ni muragaru I) is the 46th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth are given another invitation to the College, this time by Adolf Stroud. After some discussion it is decided that Elias will accompany Chise to the College. Chise and Elias are given a tour of the College by Adolf.


Chise will be attending the College as an auditor and not necessarily as a student, but is able to attend any class she wants as payment for allowing the College to research and experiment on her as a Sleigh Beggy. Elias will be working as a temporary instructor in the department of magical arts.

Chise and Elias meet Liza Quillyn, who is the vice-chancellor of the College, along with her assistant Gregory. The safety of Chise at this establishment is guaranteed as long as Liza continues to hold her current position at the College.

Elias and Chise have a conversation that showcases the growth in their communication skills, discussing the pros and cons to going to the college as well as reflecting on recent past events involving Stella Barklem and Chise's self destructive behavior. Chise's reasoning for wanting to go to the college include wanting to discover a way to help others without resorting to harming herself, as well as to help protect other Sleigh Beggy from becoming drained as they are used up like magic filled batteries when one is found alive.

Chise does some chores in the garden at the Ainsworth home, harvesting and washing some turnips, when Chise crushes some of them with her cursed arm due to her mind wondering and not focusing on the task at hand. It seems that after these types of events where the curse is allowed to seemingly take over jolts of pain happen to Chise, resulting in what appears to be a temporary migraine sensation.

Joseph appears in the garden and he and Chise have a brief discussion explaining that the curse in Chise's eye cannot be removed even if she removes Joseph's eye. He is still tired from the lullaby spell Chise sung to him at the end of their last encounter so he goes off to rest in the well that is on their property.

Adolf gives Elias and Chise an introductory tour of the College, where they learn about the various buildings in the facility that include the administration hall at the front gate, library, exercise hall, dormitory, class hall, laboratory hall and the abandoned hall where dangerous items in the College's possession are stored. During the tour, Elias decides to use a glamour of a young woman with long hair since there are so many people around. He chooses this glamour because he believes this person is no longer alive. Had he used Simon Cullum's face it may lead to confusion if someone should happen to run into both of them.

Chise gets her first glimpse of the dorm matrons, who are cat familiars that act on behalf of the College.

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