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Birds of a feather flock together. II (羽毛の鳥は一緒に群がる。 II Umō no tori wa issho ni muragaru II): is the 47th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise Hatori is introduced to her new roommate, Lucy Webster after deciding which dorm matron cat will watch over her. Elias Ainsworth is shown his faculty room by Adolf Stroud and after brief meeting with Mikhail Renfred, he is given guidance on teaching his first course.

Alice has made a new contract with Will o' The Wisp and Chise takes her first class with instructor Narcisse Maugham. Philomela Sargant seems very curious about Chise.


Chise meets the dorm matron cats Olivia, Camelia, Rose Lynn, and their mother Florence. Each cat has their own significant meaning for being chosen and Chise decides that Rose Lynn will be her home matron who will watch over her.

Elias is shown to his personal faculty room by Adolf and is told he can renovate it to his liking. Elias is not familiar with this concept and Adolf reminisces about Lindel speaking of an old acquaintance (that being Elias). Renfred enters the room questioning whether or not Elias will be living at the College and is surprised to learn that Elias and Chise will be commuting between their home and the college, which is about three hours away. Elias has a short cut planned and is quick to remind Renfred that he does the same thing with Alice, commuting back and forth as well. Elias questions why Renfred does not care for Elias, which after Renfred leaves the room Adolf ensures him that Renfred has issues against all non-humans and not just for Elias in particular and this characteristic in him goes back to when Renfred was a student at the College. Elias does not feel threatened by Renfred and mentions he knows this because he does not feel the need to kill him. Adolf changes the subject and helps Elias prepare to teach his first class.

Lucy and Chise's first encounter does not go very smooth, as Chise opens the dorm room door and hits Lucy in the face. Lucky briefly gives a rundown on where items are located in the room and informs Chise that she is not a people person and to chat with others instead. Lucy goes back to sleep while Chise starts to prepare for her first class until she feels like she is being watched. Philomela realizes she has been noticed and vanishes before Chise and Ruth can give visual confirmation of her presence. Ruth is instructed to remember the scent that was left behind.

Elias and Chise are reunited just before Elias has to run off to prepare for his first class. Another example is shown of their improved communication skills as Chise immediately informs Elias that she felt like she was being watched.

Chise meets with Alice, who now has shorter hair, and explains her new contract with Will o' The Wisp, which is different from the bond that Chise and Ruth have. Since Alice and Chise are different ages, they have some different classes.

Chise's first class is with Professor Narcisse Maugham who gives a refresher on the basics of Alchemy along with Latin. In this class is encourages the students that it is acceptable to make mistakes and choose the wrong path in order to find find all the knowledge you need and be happy. He introduces Chise to the class, announcing that she is a magus, which causes a few students to approach her and introduce themselves (Veronica Rickenbacker is the first to do so). Even though they were acting kind towards her, this still overwhelms Chise which causes her to bolt outside and sit with Ruth to calm down. While outside she sees an ill looking Philomela who ends up passing out. Luckily, Chise is quick to catch her and gives some meta commentary that she herself is usually the one fainting.

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