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Birds of a feather flock together. IV (羽毛の鳥は一緒に群がる。 IV Umō no tori wa issho ni muragaru IV): is the 49th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


After the incident in Elias Ainsworth's mage class, Chise Hatori and Alice Swayne search for Elias in the professor's area of the College. Rian Scrimgeour is wanting to learn magic from Chise. Narcisse Maugham finally meets Chise and Elias. Chise is introduced to a wide range of students in the cafeteria, meanwhile Adolf has a conversation with Lindel about Elias.


The chapter picks up repeating the last line Rian spoke: asking Chise to each him magic. He wants to make "someone" happy (this references Torrey). Rian, Alice, and Chise discuss familiars when Ruth and Will o' The Wisp appear to help explain how it works. Alice does not have the connection with Will o' like Chise does with Ruth. It is more of a contract and Will o' notes that Alice is "not magus material". Rian is reminded once again that his blood carries the stench of rust, which prevents him from having any sort of familiar for a companion, as they detest iron.

Rian take Chise and Alice to where Elias and Renfred are. Renfred is lecturing Elias while Narcisse watches regarding the incident that happened with the fae attack during his class (see Chapter 48 for more information). Narcisse discusses the importance of getting sleep to keep his appearance up to his standards. He then takes a moment to tell both Chise and Elias that, despite his preconceived notions about the two of them, they are both normal. This seems to surprise Chise and Elias, as they have not really heard anyone describe them in that manner before.

Narcisse retires to his quarters when Gregory shows up gather information about Chise since she was in Narcisse's class that morning. It seems it is important to ensure she is not a threat to the college or its staff.

Elias, Rian, and Chise make their way to the cafeteria for their first meal at the college. Elias notes that seeing Chise and Rian together does not give him the same feeling that seeing Chise and Stella did in the past. He is unsure if this is due to the situation being different or if he has matured. It is in this moment Elias appears intrigued with what the College can teach him in the ways of emotional growth. Chise is given the rundown of how the cafeteria operates by Rian and is also introduced to many other students all at once: Beatrice, Sofia Healey, Roy Truman, Isaac Fowler, Martin Chandler, Jasmine and Violet St. George, Kevin Forbes, Lazarus McGovern and Zoe Ivey. They all sit togethe with Chise and Elias to eat together while Lucy Webster sits alone to eat her meal at another table. Meanwhile, Veronica Rickenbacker walk into the cafeteria along with April and May Atwood and Philomela Sargant. While the students are fascinated by Elias's transformation (see Chapter 48 for when he broke his glamour in front of his class), Zoe is staring at Chise and Elias trying to figure out who or what they are. He quickly leaves the dining table seeming overwhelmed by the situation while Lucy reflects how friendships do not matter because they never last.

Adolf uses a magic mirror to communicate with Lindel, inquiring if Elias has ever tried to hurt people.

The scene changes and the chapter ends in Rahab's home, who we have not seen since chapter 16.

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