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The cowl does not make the monk. II (TBA TBA): is the 51th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


The Auditor, Elias, Simon and Gabriella face off in a conflict over the questionable record keeping of Elias over the past decade. Simon discusses with Elias his curse in life and we learn about his back story. The mist that swept Chise and Ruth away drops them off on Rahab's island.


Alonza receives a call from Gabriella questioning who was behind sending the Auditor. Confirming it was not Alonza, one of the three Shepherds from the Conclave, she presumably given clearance to harm him if needed.

The Auditor moves to decommission Simon from the role of Elias' observer and handcuffs Simon to take him to headquarters right away. Elias at first is not bothered by what happens to Simon, but Gabriella quickly reminds him how easy he's had it this past decade. When Simon shows resistance, the Auditor takes out a bamboo tube from where a fox looking familiar emerges and restrains Simon. This gives Gabriella a window to attack the Auditor, who pulls out a small Japanese looking blade out. Gabriella bites his neck and gets a taste of his blood. When the Auditor becomes injured, his familiar turns to attack Gabriella and is stopped by Elias and is placed back into the bamboo tube. Elias breaks Simon free of the handcuffs and is given the green light to alter the Auditor's memories.

Simon explains the structure of the Conclave (also known as the Church) to Elias and how he came to be his observer. Simon is jinxed so that whenever he bakes a sweet, the people around him die shortly after. His grandmother taught him how to bake so he made cookies for his mother who was in prison. His grandmother died, then his mother died two days after. He moved in with his aunt and uncle and cousin. His cousin died in a water accident three days after Simon made them ice cream. His aunt and uncle were murdered by a burglar while Simon was out at a friend's house four days after he made cookies. Simon feel into deep depression and had horrible anxiety, getting into fights and doing drugs. When he was older he met a woman and fell in love. Simon explained his jinx to her but she eventually convinced him it was all a horrible coincidence and to make her favorite dessert, panna cotta. One week later she had a stroke and died. Simon was ready to take his own life at her grave when Alonza stops him. It seemed Simon already had some talent with the sight, but Alonza made it possible for him to see more clearly. After she confirms that Simon is jinxed, he attempts to strangle himself, to which Alonza offers a deal. Enroll in seminary school and become an observer for Elias.

Elias question if Simon had ever recently tested his jinx and made sweets for anyone since. Simon and Elias discuss various methods of communication when it comes to secrets. Not all secrets need to be told and it is ok to let things go unsaid. Elias tries to describe the feeling he gets when it looks like someone has a secret to tell but they won't say anything.

Chise and Rahab finally meet.

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