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The cowl does not make the monk. III (TBA TBA): is the 52nd chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise and Ruth meet with Rahab and learn why Elias is the way he is. Meanwhile, Stella threatens Ashen Eyes to never harm anyone ever again, unknowingly entering a contract with him. The Auditor has his memories of wanting to decommission Simon from observing Elias and is sent to Alonza for mental retraining to turn him to their side.


Chise and Ruth are invited inside Rahab's house for some coffee and a talk. When questioned what kind of relationship Chise and Elias have and she struggles to only answer they are both teacher and student to each other, Ruth interjects stating wife as well. This surprises Rahab and causes her to reflect on the things she taught Elias a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Stella is learning quick how creatures like Ashen Eye may not necessarily be telling the truth, despite their inability to lie. She tells Ashen Eye to not harm anyone else "if you know what's good for you". Ashen Eye takes this as a challenge and a uses this wording as an opportunity to form a contract with Stella. She thinks she can be the first child to keep a pledge (in this case to keep Chise safe) to which Ashen Eyes sees as foolish yet beautiful. And their contract is formed.

Rahab sits with Chise in her home, cups of coffee in hand to talk about the days when Lindel and Elias would visit her. Chise can see the resemblance of both Lindel and Elias in the way Rahab moves and speaks. Rahab tells the story of when Elias showed up one day looking very tired, stating that he cannot learn about humans since Lindel hates them and wishes for Rahab to teach him and he wants to copy her so he can act more human. His desire to live among humans and understand them is strong. Rahab spends the next few decades teaching Elias and he learned to imitate her: the way she walked, slept, read books, ate, and till the land. She regret that there were things she could not teach him thoroughly, like how to smile or to feel enjoyment. Chise gets an eye opening revelation when Rahab remembers a time when she taught Elias about family dynamics and what the literal definition of husband/groom and wife/bride meant. While Chise seems disappointed that Elias may not have meant his previous proposal exactly like she thought, she vows to stay by his side, "wife or not". Chise reassures Rahab that she taught Elias well, stating that he does have a smile and he does feel emotions like nervousness, jealousy and anger. Before she sends Chise and Ruth back to their place and time, Rahab asks her to not speak of their meeting, stating she had been spying on him out of worry. She also gave Chise a quick lesson in hiding truth and facts while avoid outright falsehoods.

Chise and Ruth are sent back to the location where they had left Stella and Chise can smell the familiar scent of sand upon Stella. Stella quickly deflects, leading them all inside the Ainsworth home while Ashen Eyes watches from the trees.

At Simon's home, the Auditor wakes up disoriented and with a migraine which are side effects of the memory wipe that Elias performed. Gabriella lulls him back to sleep in a trance so he can be taken to Alonza who is currently in Italy to have his memories reformed to be on their side.

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