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First impressions are the most lasting. II (TBA TBA): is the 54th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise begins a new week of classes and learns more about her peers and the history of the Seven Shields. Elias and Renfred have a discussion about Alice without knowing she is listening in. Jasmine accidentally dropped a rumor that was supposed to remain secret about Lucy's family and Chise asks Isaac and Rian for more information. Zoe has a confrontation with Lucy and Chise in the hall on their way to their next class.


Chise is running to her dorm to get dressed for classes for the day. Lucy is in the dorm room having an argument with someone over the phone. Chise explains to Lucy how she probably won't ever be staying the night at the College. Despite Lucy thinking Chise is annoying, she still seems to be looking out for her by making sure she has the proper attire for her pharmacy class.

In the hallway, Chise runs into Jasmine who feels sympathetic towards Chise for having Lucy as a roommate, saying she is not a nice person and nobody has ever seen her smile. Jasmine states that Lucy's behavior may step from what happened to the Webster family. Realizing she said too much, she runs off to class.

Elias is waiting for Renfred outside so he can ask him if he has ever considered taking someone for a spouse. Renfred notices Elias is asking for himself more than for Renfred's sake and encourages Elias to just talk to Chise about it. When Elias questions Renfred and Alice's relationship, pointing out that Alchemists pass down their magic potential through blood relations, Renfred makes it clear that Alice is like a daughter to him and no such relationship will come between the two of them. He goes on to point out all the negative aspects about Alice to make his point, all while not realizing that Alice is listening in around the corner.

Rian and Chise are finishing up their pharmacy class when Rian discusses the importance of common knowledge courses, as not everyone who goes to the College has the intention of being a Sorcerer once they graduate. Rian and Chise head to the cafeteria where they run into Isaac and Zoe, who immediately leaves the scene looking uncomfortable around Chise. The rest sit down to eat and Isaac explains the Seven Shields and Great Houses to Chise. The Seven Shields are Roseingrave, St. George, Rickenbacker, Forsyth, Hohenheim, Nightingale and Scrimgeour (the last names of many of the students at the College). The Great War took the lives of many students and teachers, and the Great Houses feared for the future of everyone's specialized craft so they constructed the College in secret. Not all of the families get along with each other, some even hating the other. This is when Rian explains that he is trying to leave his house (Scrimgeour), stating there are plenty of conflicts taking place outside the College and any Sorcerer who can take up arms are in high demand. Chise remembers Jasmine's slip up from earlier and asks Isaac and Rian if they can give more information about what happened to the Websters. Beatrice appears to remind everyone of their next class, essentially putting a stop to that conversation.

Chise and Lucy happen to run into each other in the hallway and have a very awkward walk and discussion on their way to class. Lucy questions why Chise is in the college since there are no other mages who attend there. Chise seems to dodge the answer, stating her reasoning is not that serious when Zoe shows up and immediately turns around to walk the other way. Chise, trying to figure out why he is acting this way, asks if she did anything wrong. Lucy is angered by Zoe straight up ignoring Chise and removes his earphones right off his head. This causes Zoe to panic, calling Chise and Elias monsters because he can sense something about them that others apparently cannot. Just as Rian and Isaac are approaching the group, Zoe's hair turns into snakes.

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