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First impressions are the most lasting. III (TBA TBA): is the 55th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


After Zoe's hair turns into snakes, he runs away from the other students and into the private gardens. We get a glimpse into his childhood and how he ended up at the College. After locating him, he confronts Chise calling her a monster since he can sense she is not human. As Chise and Zoe explain their story about who and what they are, Ruth discovers Philomela has been listening in on their conversation.


Zoe completes the transformation from the end of the previous chapter of having his hair turn into snakes after his headphones are removed by Lucy. Chise summon Ruth to follow his scent so they can go help him. Isaac educates everyone that the headphones are used because of sensitive hearing and Zoe is probably overwhelmed by sounds. Rian convinces Lucy to help find Zoe and apologize for taking the headphones off of him. We discover that Zoe is a gorgon, a monster from Greek Mythology and have that lore explained. The fact that gorgons used to be hunted for their body parts, especially their eyes, seems to concern Chise.

As Chise, Lucy, Isaac and Rian chase after Zoe into the College's private gardens, which is a maze of tall hedges. Ruth loses the scent among all the greenery so Chise takes over using her heightened sense of smell. Rian is capable of modifying his body to have gravity effect in order to stand on non-supportive hedges in order to get a better look of the area to try and find Zoe. Chise finds Zoe while Ruth continue looking around the gardens. While still in his panic, his snakes launch towards Chise but she does not feel any ill intent from them and ends up caressing the snakes instead.

Lucy places the headphones back over Zoe's ears and his snakes turn back into hair. Lucy seems to take the lead as the big sister who watches over everyone and making sure there are no injuries. After being questioned why he is at the college, Zoe shares his story of how he was born (hatched from an egg) and how his parents thought experiencing the world in a safe place like the College would be good for him. When Zoe questions Chise whether or not she is human, she admits she is cursed by a dragon and shows her black arm to everyone. Everyone is fascinated by her arm, but Zoe states he can smell something else on her. Before he can finish his sentence, his snakes reemerge from his hair and go towards Lucy who states that they are beautiful. Zoe's advice from his parents was to find someone who found him beautiful for who and what he is.

Ruth alerts Chise that he found Philomela just around the hedge listening in.

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