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Better bend than break. II (TBA TBA): is the 57th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Alice spends the night at the Ainsworth home and shares a memory of how she failed to protect Renfred from being attacked by Joseph to Chise. Chise and Elias have a heartfelt discussion about what their relationship is on the roof of their home. Rian questions Jasmine about saying too much about he Websters to others.


In a flashback, Renfred and Alice meet Joseph for the first time. He approaches the duo asking for assistance on harvesting something from a seed that was planted long ago (this is referring to the corruption in Ulthar after Matthew was killed). Joseph heard from someone that the best way to get Renfred to obey is to threaten his apprentice, so before Renfred can finish questioning Joseph, the Chimera attacks Alice. Renfred blocks the attack, losing his arm in the process. This is the same Chimera that attacks Chise in the graveyard where they first met Ruth. Alice attempts to attack Joseph with a pocket knife and the Chimera throws her backwards into a wall. After Renfred stops the bleeding on his arm, Joseph explains that he needs to go to Ulthar to retrieve the corruption to be used as an ingredient for one of his experiments. Since a Sorcerer can store magic in their hair, Joseph cuts off Renfred's hair with a knife. To further drive his point home that Renfred is now chained to Joseph, he uses the same knife to retrace the scars on his face (the ones received when young Alice opened a book that was rigged with an evil fae). Joseph ended up using Renfred's arm for himself (which is where he got the knowledge to make the teleporter).

In the present moment Alice reflects on never being able to protect Renfred, having gotten taller and older but not stronger. Alice and Chise get into a discussion about labels; how Alice is supposed to be his guardian, yet he called her his daughter. The term "daughter" does not sit well with Alice since it is associated with her father, who was a drug addict. The topic of Chise and Elias' labels for each other comes up, saying they seem to be more than just teacher and student since the sleep together. Chise is unsure about putting a label on them since people may have a different term for their relationship, and focusing in on that one term may end up changing what they have. She admits they are husband and wife in a sense, but neither of them know much about it so they are groping around in the dark trying to figure it out. Like Simon stated in the car, people define relationships differently. Will o' The Wisp shows up to offer his advice stating that it does not matter what Renfred thinks, Alice can still feel what she wants to feel.

Frustrated, Alice rolls over to go to sleep, leaving Chise alone with her thoughts. She climbs out of her window and onto the roof of the house where Elias is sitting. She asks for an answer to the morning's question of "why did you ask me to become your bride?". Elias reasoned that his student and partner would both live with him and it would be more convenient for them to be the same person. Elias admits he cannot let her go and Chise admits that no matter what relationship term people define them as, she is happy being with him. Elias questions the word "happy" and Chise explains, causing Elias to learn a new word along side "lonely". The role of couple is associated with Chise's parents, which triggers her to wonder why her father chose to forsake his role as husband.

At the College, Alice confronts Renfred about being labeled as his daughter, tired of having to be protected all the time by him. Renfred calls her a child, stating that it is the duty of adults to protect their children.

Rian approaches Jasmine, hearing she had been telling Chise about the Websters.

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