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Better bend than break. III (TBA TBA): is the 58th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Jasmine and Rian discuss how relevant each of the houses are in modern times. The jobs and skills of some of them are not needed in a world where humans and science are conquering. Chise learns about a magical core that is within the bodies of people with magic capabilities during a rock climbing course in gym. Elias and Adolf talk about what makes memories a happy or painful one. Narcisse and Torrey have a slightly tense conversation that suggests there is some history. Philomela attempts to sneak out of her dorm room in the evening when a dark magical bird appears.


Outside on the College grounds, Rian lectures Jasmine regarding discussing what happened with the Websters to other people. Jasmine bleeds this subject into the topic of the Seven Shields are divided into houses that have a future and those who do not. In this day and age, the St. George family (which Jasmine is a part of) used to deal with vampires, werewolves, Grendels, dragons and wyrms. These are creatures that either no longer exist or are no longer an issue for the great wave of humanity. House Scrimgeour are those who protect wizards and are still in demand. Rian states once again that he no longer wishes to be a part of this clan. When Jasmine tries to argue that this cannot be done, Rian changes the subject back to the Websters. He reminds that even though an entire house was seemingly wiped out of existence even if one person remains alive the issue is not resolved. Rian leaves the area and Jasmine's sister, Violet, steps in to comfort her. She even suggests that since Elias said they have potential as magi that they should run off and become an apprentice to a mage.

There is a poster in the College advertising that Halloween is soon. Chise, Lucy, Rian, Zoe, Isaac, Beatrice and Sofia are all taking a rock climbing class in gym while explaining magical cores. A magical core is where magical energy is generated in the body, usually taking on the form of an organ such as the heart or intestines. This makes it difficult to find the core in someone during a dissection since it essentially fuses with that organ. Magic potential is usually passed down through genetics, but it is possible for two non magical parents to produce a child with a magical core.

Philomela gracefully lands on the gym mat after climbing high up on the rock wall, which impresses Chise. Veronica takes notice of this interaction and comments that Philomela seems to be making friends. Philomela only responds by asking if the need to make friends is an order.

Elias comes to watch over Chise and talks with Adolf how she looks at the other students in a way that she never looks at him. This bothers him but he does not understand why. Adolf has a distant look to him which puzzles Elias and asks what it means. The look is from remembering something and how memories can be good or bad. Adolf talks about his past; how his parents were both doctors but he had no talent for it (similar how he had no talent for magic when he went to study under Lindel in May of 1940). Remembering how after returning home after meeting Lindel when the war was over, everything he knew was in rubble and ash. Elias does not understand what makes a memory good or bad. Adolf attempts to educate Elias by offering the solution of thinking that a good memory is one that does not hurt to recall. But to also understand that memories all connect together and relate in one large web. Adolf is impressed that Elias would listen to someone else's story and seemingly care about what they are thinking and tells Elias to stay curious and ask other people about their experiences in life for more variety of input.

Narcisse and Olivia, the cat, talk about how Adolf has little confidence and that he has not aged a day since they met him. Torrey walks by and seems upset with Narcisse, exchanging a few short words then stomping off.

Philomela, who shares a room with April and May attempts to sneak out of her dorm room when Olivia casually drops that she should sleep. A magic bird similar looking to a crow appears in front of Philomela standing on top of an envelope.

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