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Slow and sure. I (TBA TBA): is the 59th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Philomela visits her Grandmother's home where she does not appear to be welcomed. Chise and her class prepare for their first bushcraft trip to learn to survive in the wilderness. Alice unloads her frustrations about Renfred and being treated like a child. Meanwhile, Adolf and Renfred discuss how they are getting older and how their definitions of adult and child differ.


The chapter begins with a flashback to Rian learning how to climb a tree from Philomela (both as young children).

Back at the present day College, Veronica wakes up to find a note from Philomela stating she will not be preparing breakfast this morning as she had to return home after receiving an urgent call (see the dark bird from the end of the previous chapter).

Philomela goes to a home that appears to be very well off, yet spooky. Alcyone appears and Philomela explains how someone at the College (referring to Chise) was able to notice her even while hiding, which shouldn't be possible. Alcyone explains that tracking someone is more than just their physical scent, but also their emotions and existence can carry a scent. "The scent of the soul". Alcyone offers to work on something to assist Philomela in the future.

Upon entering the Grandmother's room, the old woman immediate asks how Veronica is doing, seeming to act very cold towards Philomela. We learn that the Grandmother had no intention of sending her to the college, but was allowed to go because it was Veronica's wish. The College is seen as a waste of time for someone like Philomela, who is merely a "doll who can do nothing but nod her head". When Philomela lifts her head without permission, the Grandmother strikes her with her cane, and asks to recall why she was summoned to this home. This is not answered yet but we can assume it has to do with Philomela's abilities as a spy.

Chise, Rian, Lucy, Isaac, Beatrice and Sofia among others are in the middle of a cooking class back at the College discussing a bushcraft exercise where they will learn how to survive in the wild without the use of magic. It is explained that students who are older do the trip alone, while the younger ones (like this class) go in teams for two nights in the wild. This year's trip will take place in Scotland. Chise remembers picnics back when she was in school in Japan and remembers being left out and not being happy about it. A slight moment of growth is shown when Chise realizes that her current classmates are not like those in her past and is determined to enjoy herself on this trip. Elias is hanging upside down from the ceiling in the classroom listening in on the conversation.

Alice has been spending so much time in the shooting range at the College she is missing out on classes. It is also explained that she has been living in her dorm room instead of off campus (which would imply she is not going home with Renfred to his house each evening). Professor Whoopi (the blob of water teacher) gives Alice some words of advice to not leap head first into doing something stupid just to prove yourself. We see a small backstory about this professor and the consequence of not looking before you leap which ultimately caused their skin to dissolve while still remaining conscious the whole time. The important takeaway from this is to not focus too much on your own goals or you can become blind to everything else around you.

In the staff's office, Adolf is working at his desk when Renfred enters. Adolf offers him a drink and Renfred pours out his worries about Alice. How he wishes she would just stay a child until she graduates, how he wish she wouldn't feel the need to protect him. Renfred feels it is his duty to protect her yet doesn't want to treat her as a child. Adolf uses somewhat the same piece of advice to Renfred that Simon used for Alice and Chise: that the labels don't really define who they are. The things that someone wants does not change whether they are called a "child" or an "adult". Renfred passes out on Adolf's couch and Adolf goes back to work at his computer, preparing inventory and tent repairs for the upcoming bushcraft trip that Chise's class will be attending. He states that it may soon be time for a vacation.

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