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Slow and sure. III (TBA TBA): is the 61th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


The Nuckelavee chases after Chise and Lucy while Elias and Chise try to figure out a way to get rid of it. Chise's cursed arm awakens and acts on its own without Chise's control.


Chise's cursed arm has given her the ability to sense and smell things she was not able to previously. She can even sense the intention of beings that will approach her. This new knowledge and abilities have made her become complacent, which caused her to not sense the Nuckelavee.

A Nuckelavee is incapable of crossing fresh water, so Chise leads it to a river where she can jump across but it would not be able to. Professor Whoopi senses magic running in unnatural patterns and conceals themselves in order to further investigate. This disturbance wakes up some of the other classmates and they venture out of their tents.

Elias explains to Chise that being able to sense the creature, having the sight and believing they exist, can lure them to her since she can hear and touch them and they despise her for being able to do that. This Nuckelavee wants to kill.

Ruth meets up with Chise and Elias who are running back through the camp in order to get to the river. The Nuckelavee swipes at the students and Zoe fall, knocking his ear muffs off his head. His hair become snakes and he is able to freeze the Nuckelavee in place. This quickly drains Zoe and he passes out, and an even more enraged Nuckelavee resumes pursuit of the students. They jump across the river where it cannot follow. This gives Chise and Elias enough time to formulate a plan in order to lure the Nuckelavee to the lake where it can potentially fall in and disappear. This requires the help of the Each-Uisge (the horse fae) which poses its own dangers as it will eat anyone who has ridden on its back and falls into the water.

Chise gives an unconscious Lucy to Ruth to watch over, and Rian tags along with Chise to ride the Each-Uisge. Isaac tosses Rian a key which can be turned into a weapon at Rian's command. Chise, Elias and Rian ride the Each-Uisge towards the lake. The Each-Uisge offers to hide them from the Nuckelavee by rearing on its hind legs, toppling them off its back and into the water where they are safe from the Nuckelavee, but now in danger of being eaten by the Each-Uisge. The Each-Uisge kicks the Nuckelavee into the lake where it begins to sink, but not before grabbing a hold of Chise and dragging her under. Rian escapes to the surface where he confronts the Each-Uisge with a newly formed cold iron ax from the key that Isaac gave him.

The curse inside of Chise whispers to her "things you are scared of must be destroyed" causing her arm to burst into the form of a dragon and begin slicing and destroying the Nuckelavee. It all happens so quickly she does not understand what had just happened. Chise rises to the surface of the water and continues to feel the after effects of her arm even though the Nuckelavee is no longer a threat. Elias dries her off and Chise offers her hair to the Each-Uisge as payment for helping them.

Headmaster Quillyn receives report of the accident that occurred during the camping trip. Lucy is referred to as the "problem child" and instructs Gregory to contact her guardian.

A routine inspection of important books and documents is being conducted by staff at the college and the Testament of Carnamagos appears to be crumbling.

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