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Conscience does make cowards of us all. I (TBA TBA): is the 62th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Lucy has been unconscious for ten days after having most of her magic drained during the camping trip. The College notifies a family member of the situation. Chise learns what it feels like to be on the other end of worry for someone who is not waking up. The Testament of Carnamagos has gone missing.


Seth and his body guard/assistant are in Italy when he receives notice that his sister, Lucy, is not doing well.

Chise is sitting with Lucy in the infirmary to give her the excess magic that a Sleigh Beggy produces. Zoe arrives for his checkup and shows Chise the results of his practice in keeping his hair as hair for as long as possible before turning into snakes. Fifteen seconds is the current record. Elias appears from out of Chise's shadow and ask what the feeling "worry" is after she expresses that she is worried about Lucy in her current state. After learning the meaning, he expresses that he worries for Chise the most.

Flashback to when Chise arrived home from the camping trip with now much shorter hair and hands over tiny Elias pup to fuse back together with his original body where he can gain all the information about the camping trip and why her hair is now shorter. Silky frets over Chise's hair and offers to clean it up with a fresh trim to even things out. Elias complements gives Chise praise for how she handled the situation (despite seeming exhausted for her always ending up in dangerous situations whether they are her fault or not).

The voice of the curse that Chise heard in her head is still puzzling so she goes to see Joseph in the well on their property to hopefully obtain more information. Is it evil to stop someone who is trying to kill you? Is it wrong to kill one person in order to save many? Chise seems to feel there must be another way other than trying to kill anyone or anything. When Chise leaves the well and Joseph remarks that she can never return to innocence now that she has bared her fangs.

Seth arrives at the infirmary to see Lucy and Chise learns that they are related. Lucy had previously never shared the fact that she as a brother (or any siblings) and this causes Chise to wonder what her own brother, Fumiki, is currently doing. Lucy stirs in her sleep which prompts Chise to wipe hear forehead with a cloth. The contact causes Chise to enter Lucy's memories. They are faced with a field of bloody corpses and a young Lucy screaming to give back their spiders. This event jostles Lucy awake and is immediately angered at the sight of her brother, who she calls a coward. Her outburst causes her to pass out and she once again asleep in Seth's arms.

Chise walks out into the hallway where Philomela materializes, claiming she was "practicing" her spy skills. A sweet yet socially awkward exchange takes place about being comfortable speaking with other people. Chise offers to replace the potpourri sachet she gifted to Philomela once the scent fades away. Philomela senses people coming and quickly leaves by dissolving into particles and disappearing.

Rian and Isaac inquire about the status of Lucy's condition and Chise learns what it feels like to be on the other side of worry. It is usually she who is passed out for days and weeks at a time and never understood what that does to those around her. Ruth uses this opportunity as a learning experience and frustratingly explains to Chise that this is what it feels like. He even gets a bit of enjoyment out of this boisterously conversation, knowing exactly how she is feeling due to their bonded connection. Chise wonders where Elias went off to, having sensed him leave her shadow.

The staff at the College are panicking because the Testament of Carnamagos has disintegrated, hinting that the one that was recently there was a fake.

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