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Conscience does make cowards of us all. II (TBA TBA): is the 63th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Beatrice teaches Chise about her house and what role they play in the world of Sorcerers. Headmaster Liza holds a meeting with all professors to discuss the Testament of Carnamagos. A potential new friend for Elias appears but ends up attacked with the book in the same manner that Lucy was. Seth's bodyguard is viciously attacked by werewolves.


While searching for Elias, Chise runs into Beatrice who asks for some assistance carrying bags of grain to feed the familiars. These are different familiars than what Ruth is to Chise, in that they are created by animals, either dead or alive. This is how the Baan family (the house where Beatrice belongs) makes their money. This conversation causes Chise to think about where Elias earns his money.

The staff of the College are holding a meeting to discuss the situation regarding the Testament of Carnamagos. The head librarian of the College explains that the book had rotted away, indicating that it was a fake. It had been swapped out with the real one at some point and no one knows when or who did it. Even skimming the book can be harmful to the person attempting to read it. Upon hearing the title of the book, Torrey and Elias immediately recognize it, having used it before to learn the spell to transfer the dragon curse from Chise to Stella. Elias speaks up and explains that he had read it previously but was vague about its reasoning: "I was interesting in the contents". He continues to explain that it is about the life and death of mortals. How to steal the life force from other people and how to bring the dead back to life. Stepping forward with this information could take the potential blame on Elias or Torrey. Among the remains of the fake book, the investigation team in the library discovered spider webs. Headmaster Liza instructs the staff not to speak of anything that was discussed today with anyone else.

Once the meeting is over, Elias is bombarded with questions from the rest of the staff about his glamour. He transforms back to his refined form (having been in his female glamour this entire time) in front of everyone. The staff then continues with their relentless questioning about the makeup of his skull and how he eats. Among the staff, Elias is the only one who does not know the story about the tragedy of the Websters. Just as Torrey is about to explain the story, Simeon Paladihle explains that the Websters are a house whose skill it is to make copies of magical texts. They were so well made that some copies are considered just as good as the original. They used the silk of the spiders they owned to create the pages, and even in sewing. Then eight years ago the entire clan was killed except for one person...Lucy. It is rumored to be an inside job. The eldest son was driven out of the clan for having no talent for magic use. It is implied that this is Seth.

When Elias politely thanks Simeon for explaining the story, everyone is taken aback by how he has manners. Simeon introduces himself to Elias, immediately having a connection for looking different than others. When questioned if Elias cares about his own appearance, he simply answers "I don't know". Simeon kindly empathizes with Elias and assures that the College is a safe place for those who do not fit in the outside world. Simeon leaves and Torrey explains to Elias who he is asking if Elias thinks Simeon could be a friend and gives a brief lesson on the difference between friends and acquaintances.

Walking through the halls, Simeon reflects upon meeting Elias, giving him thoughts of kindness and understanding instead of listening to the rumors about Elias not liking people. Suddenly, we see a flash of the book and Simeon is attacked.

Lucy awakes in the infirmary next to her bother, Seth, who is asleep in a chair beside her bed. She wonders why Seth is there even though he hates her.

Seth's bodyguard steps out of his car to go purchase cigarettes when he is attacked, claws stabbing into his back and through his abdomen before being thrown off a bridge. This creature with a muzzle on its face and long, sharp claws commands others to "clean up any traces of the hunt".

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