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Conscience does make cowards of us all. III (TBA TBA): is the 64th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Simeon awakens after his attack, thanks to help from Elias. Lucy and Seth are attacked by the same werewolves who attacked Seth's bodyguard, but Chise and Ruth intervene. Chise opens a gateway into the shortcut path where the Sentinels reside.


Seth's bodyguard survives the attack from the werewolf by use of the talisman from Seth that has a one time use. Marielle, thinking that she can obtain an easy cadaver is surprised to find him alive.

Seth tries to give Lucy a large sum of money, which is the money he obtained after selling Chise. Elias' 5 million pounds is now distributed and accounted for: 2.5 million to Chise, 1.5 million to Seth, and 1 million to Lucy. Seth quietly asks Chise to keep all of this information a secret from Lucy, to which she reflects on Rahab's advice about dealing with secrets and truths.

Alexandra uses magic to assist Simeon in waking up after being attacked by someone using the Testament of Carnamagos. Lucky for him, he was accidentally discovered by Elias in the garden and was given some of his magical energy to stabilize him. While Simeon was not drained as far as Lucy was after a similar attack, he still appears to be bedridden for the time being. Simeon is unable to remember anything from the attack but is happy to hear that Elias saved him (his tail wags when hearing the news). Elias wants to discuss friendships with Simeon but Simeon falls back asleep. A comedic moment ensues when Elias is seeing the parallels to Chise being asleep often.

Seth, Lucy, and Chise walk the College grounds to where Seth's bodyguard is stationed in their car just outside when the werewolves appear and attack Seth in the same way they attacked his bodyguard; with claws through the abdomen. Seth's own talisman is used up to save his life and the werewolf lunges in for another attack only to be cut off by Ruth. A second werewolf appears from above, slashing Ruth along the ribs and this injury transfers to Chise. This is the first instance where we as the readers learn that a mage and familiar bond works both ways when it comes to injury. Chise's injury triggers Elias' ring to alert him that something is wrong. He immediately cuts off his conversation with Alexandra to appear between Chise and the werewolves, launching his own attack of toothy shadows. Chise notes mentally that the werewolves do not hate them, that they just want to kill them. That their movements are sluggish, almost as if they are being forced to do this hunt against their will.

Chise's inner curse appears and assists her in opening a gateway into the shortcut where the Sentinels/Hunting Hounds reside (the same shortcut they use to get back and forth to the College). While Chise carries Lucy and Ruth carries Seth into this area, Elias allows the werewolves to enter after them, knowing that the Sentinels will make quick work of them. Seth and Lucy recognize the smell of the werewolves as the same smell of that day when their clan was murdered.

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