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A Small Leak Will Sink A Great Ship. II (TBA TBA): is the 67th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Chise makes her payment to the Hunting Hounds for allowing safe passage for Lucy and Seth back in chapter 65. Hazel helps her make the payment and they have a serious discussion about Chise's bad habits on their walk back. Torrey and Narcisse are in charge of handing out candy to the students for Halloween. Zoe and Chise stop Lucy from taking a part time job in the Tower of Remnants and go in her place.


The chapter open with Jasmine being awakened by a hand on her chest. She sits up to discover her throat is dry. This may link back to the contract spell that Rian created in chapter 56.

Chise is in the secret passage short cut tunnel that she traverses to get back and forth to the College in order to drop off the payment of sheep meat to the Hunting Hounds who she convinced to allow the safe passage of Lucy and Seth as they were running away from the werewolves. Hazel and Chise walk to the Ainsworth house from the tunnel together. Chise hypocritically mentions how it is difficult to watch over someone who doesn't think about the consequences of their actions and acts recklessly (meaning Lucy). Hazel immediately sees the connection and is surprised that Chise does not. To remedy this and help make Chise realize that she also does not think clearly in situations like that, he tells her a story. This is a legend from Ireland of a farmer who bought a plot of land. On that plot was a very old tree where fae resided. The farmer uprooted that tree despite warnings from other people in village. Since he did not listen, the fae saw to it that the crops rotted and bled red blood, and the farmer's skin turned inside out while his hair, nails and teeth fell out. He eventually died. Chise uses the excuse once again that her body wants to move on its own but she does want to live. Hazel questions whether she truly desires to protect others or is it to fulfill her own desire. This mirror's Elias' speech to Chise in chapter 36. Stating that she doesn't need to sacrifice herself to earn her share of happiness from others.

Some children appear to be using magic to create water bubbles and toss them at each other. Alice turns the corner and one of the children bump into her. Alice is reminded of when she would trick or treat and Renfred would give her candy. She asks to borrow a ghost sheet costume with eye hold cut-outs from one of the children.

Torrey and Narcisse are preparing to hand out candy to the students who will be going out to trick or treat soon. They discuss the importance of keeping things normal around the school during this time of crisis when Lucy and Simeon were recently under attack. They discuss who could be behind the attacks, stating that the guilty party may not be someone from the Tower of Remnants. Narcisse attempts to goes back to the topic of how children should have fun with the trick or treat event during this time. He calls Torrey by the name of "Tristan" and Torrey seems angered by that, explaining to Narcisse that he no longer wishes to be called by that name. Narcisse mentions a possible parallel between Torrey and Rian, with how they both are estranged from their original Houses. Remember that Rian is Torrey's apprentice.

Chise is back at the College and sees Zoe attempting to restrain Lucy from walking away. Lucy is wanting to earn her own money to pay for College, rather than use the money that Seth handed her in chapter 64. This job is in the Tower of Remnants and Zoe fears it is too dangerous for Lucy since she may collapse again. Rian and Isaac enter the room and explain to Chise that the Tower of Remnants is a place at the College that is filled with items that are off limits to students. Things like items that cannot be disposed of, or artificial environments filled with herbs and minerals that are difficult to find. The part time job is to help collect these herbs and minerals.

The scene changes to the Tower of Remnants where Philomela is standing with a robed person who explains to her that the number of students with a certain ability to collect specific items in the Tower is steadily decreasing each year. Chise and Rian appear behind them and the chapter ends.

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