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Chika Hatori (羽鳥 智花 Hatori Chika) was the wife of Yuuki Hatori and the mother of Chise Hatori and Fumiki Hatori.[1]


Chika was a slim fair-skinned young woman of average height with ginger red hair that she wore in a wavy bob-cut with bangs swept to the right side and dark gray-sea-green eyes.

After Yuuki Hatori ran away with Fumiki Hatori, Chika's hair has grown to mid-back length.


Chika was once a kind, loving, and soft-spoken woman who loved her family. She tried to protect Chise Hatori from the creatures drawn to her[2], but all the suffering and stress that this has caused her lead her to hate Chise[3], become depressed, and likely suicidal.


Chika was a happy woman with her family, until Yuuki Hatori and Fumiki Hatori ran away and Chika was alone with Chise Hatori. Yuuki gave protection to the family from the Neighbors, both good and bad, that were attracted to Chise. With this protection gone, the Neighbors plagued the mother and daughter night and day, leaving Chika anguished and exhausted. Chika was originally determined to protect her daughter from the troublesome neighbors, but one day could not endure the stress and suffering of it for any longer. She made an attempt to kill Chise by strangling her in hopes of her ordeal coming to an end, but couldn't bare to do it. She apologized to her daughter before committing suicide by jumping off of a balcony.


Skills and Abilities 

The Sight

Chika is able to see the Neighbors.


  • "'Why?' Is that what you said? You should have never been born."
    To Chise[4]
  • "I’m sorry, Chise. …Please forgive me."
    Chika's final words to Chise[5]

  • 「なんでって?あなたが()うの?あなたなんか、()まなきゃよかった。」
    To Chise[6]
  • 「ごめんね、()()。……(ゆる)してね。」
    Chika's final words to Chise[7]

  • Etymology

    • The name Chika means "wisdom, intellect" (智) (chi) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
    • Chika's surname Hatori means "feather" (羽) (ha) and "bird, poultry, fowl" (鳥) (tori), which literally means "wing of a bird" altogether.


    • Chapter 42 implies that before meeting Yuuki Hatori, Chika had gone through similar things when she was younger, but she was able to persevere. The stress of dealing with it again along with raising Chise Hatori made her susceptible to nearly murdering her daughter.
    • It's implied that Chika was a Sleigh Beggy like Chise as Yuuki Hatori noted both were similarly frail.
    • Most of Chise's memories was remembering Chika crying and getting angry.[8]


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