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Chimera (キメラ Kimera): are creatures made from other beings.[1] Most chimeras shown so far were creations of the alchemist Joseph.


Chimeras vary in terms of their appearance as they can come by from any animal or human put together. The chimeras that has so far appeared are quite similar however, both being made out from human females and larger insects. These chimeras had both of their upper bodies taken from humans while one had her lower body in form of a spider and the other showed much stronger traits of a cricket, such as her head and arms.

Notable Chimeras


Just as in the case of their appearance, chimeras are flexible creatures as their abilities change depending on what type of beings they're made from. Typically related to the animalistic parts of their bodies, chimeras have been shown to be able to somewhat athletic, able to move quickly, climb trees[2] and cause serious injuries.[3]


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