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The College is an organization within the world that exists for the preservation and expansion of sorcery, providing a safe location for students to learn of the supernatural world and further their understanding. Despite specializing in this form of study, they also teach regular courses so that the students can integrate back into normal society. They have both advanced technology and magical instruments, seeking not to be left behind by time period while not throwing away the past.

They also have multiple branches, with it mentioned that there is an American Branch.[1]


In the past, seven families that would later become known as the Seven Shields came together to build the College due to how the great number of wars in the past claimed the lives of both the magus and wizards alike, leaving a risk that they could become extinct sometime in the future. Since then the College has become an instrumental organization within the world's hidden side.


Chise and Elias are asked to join the College as both a chance to further their own understanding and so they can study the former in the hopes of learning of a way to preserve the lives of other Sleigh Beggy so that they don't die relatively young.


The College is built underground and possesses an administrative department near the entrance, dorms for the students to sleep and live within, an education department for them to do their studies, the library that houses valuable texts, the training hall for practical workout, the experimental department where sorcerers do research, and the disposal facility, where dangerous materials are taken care of.[2]

Students can also ask for a personal garden.



The College itself functions largely like a boarding school, teaching students typically from a young age to adulthood. They teach ordinary classes so that the students don't have gaps in their education and since most sciences evolve into wizardry at the higher levels. Despite that, some students choose not to pursue the path of wizardry and use their skills in a job that suits them, while others become craftsmen who set out to unknown places. Others find their way into normal companies and amass their fortunes in order to continue their studies.[3]

They also have the students undergo survival training for unforseen circumstances, and so they have classes like bushcraft.

Preservation and Research

The College seeks to preserve what they can of magical studies and records, as many die pursuing the craft, and so they do what they can to preserve them. Because of this they have an extensive magical record that is almost unmatched and maintain contact with artificers and others who can provide tools or materials. Some of these materials are obtained through illegal means but they seem to at least try and forge connections with established members of the magical community, such as Lindel, who provides them with materials from dead dragons in exchange for them assisting him and preventing poachers from taking live ones.





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