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Dragons(ドラゴン Doragons) are a race of large reptilians. In the modern age, they have decreased in numbers and no longer hunt humans, thus losing their ability to breathe fire. Most live in a sanctuary in Iceland protected by Lindel .[1]

At the time of their death, a dragon will return to the earth.[2]



A slender dragon with large wings and a body covered in scales. Their head is protected by one large-scale, formed like a helmet. They grow a second, smaller horn when they are older.


A bipedal dragon with a fluffed ruff of feathers on its neck, two horns protruding from their head, and bird-feet. They do not have wings, and likely lack the ability to fly.

Gaoth Arach

A stone-like dragon with one large horn protruding from the front of its head. Despite being bulky, they have the ability to fly.

Notable Dragons


A Wu-il dragon that died and became the nourishment for a flowering tree. As a last wish, he asked that the tree that grew atop his body be used in making Chise's staff.


The dragon partnered with Lindel of the uil type.


The trio of hatchings that play with Chise.



Dragons may shift from one size to another to fit their needs.

Absorbing mana

Like Magi, dragons are capable of collecting magic from the area around them. With enough, they can devolve into a primal state once built to hunt humans, growing back the vestigial organ that allowed them to breathe fire.[3]


  • The names of the three types of dragons that Chise plays with aren't the actual names, they were given by Lindel.


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