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Chise Hatori

Chise has come to be a teacher to Elias when it comes to his own emotions and actions, and though he is only slowly coming to realize the concept of affection, Elias is struck with worry and loneliness when Chise is away. 

Bought during an auction to be his apprentice. Chise is also Elias' fiancee, though only as a result of Elias's poor understanding of what exactly a bride is. Over the series, Chise has been shown to recognize Elias' expressions, even though his face is not more than a skull with flickering red lights. 


Elias' mentor and arguably first friend. Linden nursed Elias when he collapsed in front of him centuries ago. They traveled with reindeer together, though, at some point, they lost contact and Elias moved to Britain. 


They both antagonize one another. Cartaphilus seems to know more about Elias compared to the rest of the cast.


The original owner of the bolo necktie Elias tends to wear. The one who gave him his name. Sometime later, he came back to live with her for a while in order to learn more about humans. He based off his mannerisms from her, as well as learned skills such as gardening, farming, and handiwork.

Angelica Barley

Angelica knew Elias when she was young. Because she asked, he made her teddy bears as Christmas gifts. He continues to do so for Angelica's daughter.


She refers Elias as "the son of thorns". It seems that she is not as antagonistic towards him as the other faeries are. Though, she has taken more interest in Elias than before after he took in Chise. She might also care somewhat for Elias as she did offer for Elias to stay in the faerie realm.

Stella Barklem

Elias is first introduced to Stella Barklem, after Stella encounters him and Chise, asking for their help to find her brother, Ethan Barklem, they eventually find Ethan. Stella, after making a promise of giving Chise homemade sweets in return for her help, comes to Elias' and Chise's household once a month. The friendship that Chise and Stella start provokes jealousy and anger in Elias, causing him to run away, even after Chise consols him about it, he is still jealous of Stella, because she takes Chise's attention from him. Elias was hoping to sacrifice Stella when Chise was destined to die, and was told a another life has to die to continue the lifespan of one to die by Phyllis. Fortunatley, it was Cartaphilus in disguise as Stella that Elias had caught and was about to sacrifice and he escaped, after Chise told Stella (not knowing it was really Cartaphilus in disguise) to run away, meaning the real Stella didn't know about Elias' plan and was not killed. Elias is learning to tolerate Stella now.

Ethan Barklem

As mentioned previously, Elias and Chise, help to track down Ethan Barklem, Ethan is afraid of Elias' form when he finds him, that Elias has to take a form resembling Chise to calm him down. After the brother Ethan and sister Stella reunite, they bid their goodbyes to Elias and Chise. Elias sees Ethan next, at Chise's birthday party hosted by Stella.

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