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April showers bring May flowers. (4月の雨は5月の花を咲かす。4 Tsuki no ame wa 5 tsuki no hana o sakasu): is the 1st episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Chise Hatori is bought by Elias Ainsworth and becomes his apprentice. After being welcomed to Elias' home, Chise is lured by the Jade Ariel to the gateway that leads to the "Faerie Kingdom" but Chise refuses to go and returns home with Elias.


Chise is signing papers in order to get auctioned while Seth is supervising. He asks her if she is not going to regret it, to which she answers no. After that, the people in the auction house proceed to put irons around her neck and hands, along with a chain coming from the part that goes around her neck. She is brought to a stage and the auction begins in 500,000 pounds. The price starts rising and a tall man enter the room, approaching to where she is. He gets to the stage and gives the sum of 5,000,000 pounds, so the audience gets surprised.

In a room inside the building, the man introduces himself as Elias and calls Chise his "puppy". He then asks her to close her eyes while he hugs her and advises she may get dizzy. Thorns are created from the ground and surround them. As they appear in a rural area, Elias tells Chise to open her eyes. After that, she asks where they are and the mage responds that they are in the outskirts of London, a rural area of England.

Elias bathes Chise because he thinks she will not be able to clean herself thoroughly. After he finishes bathing Chise, he exits the bathroom and fairies enter through the half-opened window. They tell Chise to not call them "fairies", but to call them neighbors. When Chise gets out of the bathroom, Elias has a dinner prepared for her and tells her he be answering all her questions. He explains why he chose her and that he will make her his apprentice. Silver shows Chise the room where she will be staying and Chise falls asleep in the bed. At the night, on of the fairies wakes up Chise and convinces her to go for a walk. Elias sees how Chise is leaving the house and say that it will serve for a lesson. The fairy guides Chise far away from her house and they arrive at a portal to a "fairy kingdom". She also tries to convince her to enter the portal, but Chise refuses after remembering Elias told her she was "family". The fairies flee and Elias hugs Chise. On their way home, Elias tells her he plans to make her his wife.

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