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Looks breed love. (一目惚れ。 Hitomebore): is the 14th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


After Ashen Eye has Chise turned into a Werebeast, she goes on to make her way through the forest before being followed by both Ruth and Elias. They return home after the latter convinces her to stay, only to have Redcurrant come and ask for Chise to save Joel. They make their way over to him and discovers that he doesn't have long, prompting Chise to help them by creating Fairy Ointment.

Chise spends the next coming days conjuring the ointment, Elias is against the idea but doesn't stop her from doing it. Once she's finished the apprentice gives some of it to Redcurrant and she, in turn, uses it on Joel. He passes away shortly after being given the ointment, causing Redcurrant to remain while Chise returns home with Elias. Once she returns, Oberon shows up and asks for the Fairy Ointment. Chise hands it to him but as she does, the ring that was suppressing her magic breaks apart and she starts to cough up blood.


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