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There is no place like home. (我が家に勝るものはない。 Wagaya ni masaru mono wa nai): is the 15th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Chise is left stunned and faints shortly after having started coughing up blood. This prompts Oberon to convince Elias to make for the Fairy World in order to treat her, which they do and leaves the house to Silky. Sometime later Chise wakes up in Ant Hill while in the care of Shannon, all the while Elias is having a meeting with Titania. While on the way to the pond, Shannon talks about her past before encountering Shanahan along the way. Once at the pond, Shannon takes a drastic approach in order to heal Chise's wounds. While this is happening, Elias is asked by Titania to stay over in their realm but he declines the offer. As Chise manages to survive her struggle and heals her wounds, Elias and Chise start to make their way home.

On the other side, time have been flowing at a much greater pace and Silky is left in the house for a few months alone. Besides regularly cleaning it, she had a dream about her past while still being a Banshee. Remembering how where a pair of Leánnan sídhe convinced her to leave her old family, only to end up encountering Spriggan who helped her find a new home and become a Silky. She wakes up and time goes by until Elias and the others finally return home.


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