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Look before you leap. (飛ぶ前によく見よ。 Tobu mae ni yoku miyo): is the 17th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Waking up on Christmas day, Chise discovers that her new teddy bear has sprouted flowers and confronts Elias about it. He explains its purpose, to which Ruth comments on his attraction to the flowers as a Fae, before notifying his apprentice about the remaining gifts that she’d received from fellow friends. Later making their way outside in order to thank Simon for his gift, Chise and the others stumbles into a girl called Stella Barklem who’s looking for her little brother Ethan Barklem. While it appears that everyone has forgotten about her little brother, Chise and the others offer to help her and they set out into the woods to find him. As Elias is unable to track the boy, Chise resorts to taking aid from the local Fae by giving them the crystal flowers and other methods until finally finding out that Ethan had been abducted by Ashen Eye.

Learning that it was Stella’s own words that caused Ethan to be taken away from her, Ashen Eye goes on to propose that they a game as to give them a chance to return Ethan. And to make things more interesting, Ashen Eye takes Elias hostage as well and tell the two girls (and familiar) to find them before sundown. While they head off to search, Elias and Ethan starts exchanging words in the meantime. Chise ends up finding them after transforming herself into a Werebeast, causing Ashen Eye to admit defeat and take a crystal flower before leaving. Stella and Ethan go on to thank Chise before heading home with their parents.


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