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Forgive and forget. (許して忘れよ。Yurushite wasure yo): is the 18th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


A new day brews and Stella comes to visit Chise at her home, bringing with her sweets and goes on to spend some time with the apprentice. Elias doesn’t appear to have a problem with it at first but soon finds himself running away from home, prompting Chise to follow him and have Ruth follow Stella home. Chise soon finds herself being unable to keep up with her teacher and goes on to transform into a Werebeast once more in order to pursue him, a chase which ends up with her being ensnared by the Thorn Mage. A small glimpse of Stella shows her together with her family before feeling something sting against her neck, showcasing both Joseph and Ashen Eye shortly afterwards. Ruth returns only to learn by Silver Lady that the other’s haven’t come home yet, to which he goes on out in order to search for them. Chise manages to reveal her position and Ruth goes on to find her with the help of the Winter Goddess. The apprentice manages to get Elias to free her before returning home and heading off to bed.

A few days later, Chise goes on to visit Angelica’s shop as to seek her help, meeting David Barley and their daughter while she’s there. Chise explains that Elias refuses to wake up, to which Angelica suggests that Chise might have unintentionally had sung him to sleep using a magical lullaby. Chise and Ruth return home and creates a cure for Elias that manages to wake him up, only to have Chise fall asleep due to exhaustion. Over at the Dragons' Aerie, however, two dragonlings find themselves being snagged by poachers, Lindel and the others attempts to save them but they soon teleport themselves away after Joseph greets the warden through one of the poachers.


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