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Any port in a storm. (急場凌ぎ。 Kyūba shinogi): is the 19th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


At the college, Adolf Stroud and Renfred discusses Chise’s current situation and potential future before taking a moment of drink, taking from the bottle given to him by Alice during Christmas. As they do, Torrey Innis enters the room and joins in on the conversation as they start talking about Cartaphilus. Merituuli then suddenly makes an appearance with a peculiar item that catches Renfred’s attention. Time goes by and two days passes by, to which Chise spends sleeping and goes on to dream about being in London. While she’s there she makes an encounter with Joseph, who appears to be very lost in both thoughts and whereabouts, and goes on to speak with him. But it doesn’t last long as Joseph is soon unable to handle the pain and reaches out for Chise, prompting her to wake up in cold sweat before Ruth appears and soon finds out that both Merituuli and Alice is at their house.

Chise makes her way downstairs to encounter not only Elias but also several members of the college. They explain the situation about the poachers that took the dragonlings and that they want Elias’ help. Chise convinces him to go through with it and figures out that the dragonlings might be up for action, causing her to make a call to Seth Noel and ask for his help. The company of mages, alchemists and familiar’s makes their way to the action and tries to buy the dragonling. Chise is offered help from an unknown woman but things soon take a turn for the worst as the dragonling suddenly begins to grow and turn hostile. Feeling the dragon’s emotions, Chise can’t help but cry before Elias tries to comfort her and have her focus on the situation.


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