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You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. (目的達成に犠牲はつきもの。 Mokuteki tassei ni gisei wa tsukimonodesu): is the 20th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


As the dragon is wreaking havoc in the auction house, the group of mages and alchemists tries to distract it as Chise and Elias attempts to get closer to it. The duo manages to get onto its back and the dragon proceeds to break through the building, making its way outside and into the sky while still carrying Elias, Chise and Ruth on its back. As Elias falls off after protecting Chise and Ruth following suit, the Sleigh Beggy goes ahead and starts consuming the dragon's magic in order to stabilize it. The event that occurred leaves Chise in the care of Shannon, soon revealing that she has obtained a Dragon's Curse. As Chise accepts the situation for what it is, she spends one of the next coming days outside to meet some of the locals before talking things through with Elias and Ruth.

On their way back, they meet up with a Witch called Mariel that offers to help them should Chise consider becoming part of her coven. As the woman instructs them on how to meet the coven and later leaves, Stella Barklem comes by to make a visit in order to invite Chise to her birthday party but leaves shortly after as Chise is feeling unwell. Chise is left coughing up blood while commenting on how ironic the situation has become, prompting Elias to hug her as he tells Chise that they'll visit the coven. Having learned of Chise's new curse, Joseph starts to wonder how it'd react with his own.


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