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Necessity has no law. (背に腹は替えられない。 Se ni hara wa kae rarenai): is the 21st episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


As the Jade Ariel hears of a Sleigh Beggy that managed to tame a rampaging dragon, Alice goes ahead and lends a helping hand to Adolf while also taking note of his lack of sleep. As Alice leaves to get some food, Adolf takes the opportunity to take a nap and gets a visit from Lindel through Merituuli. Taking a moment to apologize for his past mistakes before falling asleep. In the meantime, Chise and Elias makes a visit to the Witch's Coven, meeting up with Mariel and Phyllis. But quickly receives news that they cannot be of help to them, prompting the pair to leave after Mariel gives Elias a note. The Mage starts making his way to meet up with Torrey once they wake up, getting some help from the Alchemist before returning home and having an encounter with Simon. Once they're done speaking, Elias proceeds to find Stella and kidnap her.

Chise is in the meantime singing a lullaby to help the dragon fall asleep before meeting up and striking a deal with the Jade Ariel. As Elias and Ruth returns the former tries to put Chise asleep, she dreams about Nevin and gains the courage to confront the others. As she tries to enter the room, Joseph reveals himself to Elias before the latter enters an argument with his apprentice. "Stella" manages to escape with Chise the following suit shortly afterward, soon figuring however that's Joseph. Agreeing to make a deal with Joseph in exchange for a spell and Stella's safety, Chise accepts and teleports away before the others can stop them.


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