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As you sow, so shall you reap. (蒔いた種は自分で刈り取るべし。 Maita tane wa jibun de karitorubeshi): is the 22nd episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Chise wakes up next to Stella after having teleported to Joseph's hideout. Joseph reminds Chise about her situation and of their bargain, to which Chise reaffirms her decision. Joseph wants to their Curses immunity towards one another and makes the two of them exchange their left eyes. Joseph then proceeds to cast a spell on Chise, making her have a dream, where she relives events of her past. She wakes up in her apartment back in Japan when she was young, encountering both her mother, father and brother while she's there. Chise watches her younger-self eat dinner with her family and starts remembering what they did together as a family, before having an image of Joseph appears before her. This fragment of Joseph gives Chise more questions than answers before disappearing, which is followed by her brother's screams as he wakes up. Her father offers to take care of him, only to have him take Fumiki and leave the apartment after seeing a strange creature by the windows.

After that, Chise's mother begins to struggle between jobs now that her husband and son were gone. She's also forced to protect Chise from harm all the while this is going on. As times goes on, this stress takes a toll on her and she eventually tries to strangle Chise after hearing voices inside her head telling her that she's better off without Chise. But as she can't go through with it, Chika commits suicide in front of her daughter, leaving the present Chise upset. The memory of her mother appears before Chise and wishes her dead, but Chise questions her "mother" and comes to terms with her. Refusing to forgive her, yet says thank you nonetheless, her mother disappears and the fragmented piece of Joseph returns. Chise goes on to accept the fragmented piece of Joseph, causing her to wake up and turn the tables on the bewildered Joseph.


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