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Nothing seek, nothing find. (何も求めない, 何も見つかりません。 Nani mo motomenai, nani mo mitsukarimasen): is the 23rd episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Having lost his way and begun searching for Chise, Elias ends up scouring the woods in order to find her but ends in a quarrel with Spriggan. Titania appears and stops them, being followed by Oberon shortly afterwards. The rulers of the Fae tries to convince Elias to settle down with them inside their realm, but the Mage refuses while stating that he's ready to change in order to remain with Chise. Albeit surprised and disappointed, the couple proceeds to help Elias and Ruth by casting a spell to track down Chise whilst calling out for some aid as well. Alice feels the spell pass through her like a shiver down her spine and has Renfred commenting on it, only to have Will o' The Wisp appear before them after being asked by the Queen.

Meanwhile, Chise has found herself peering into Joseph's past and takes witness to his meeting with Cartaphilus. The young Sleigh Beggy learns of the Sorcerer's struggles, misdeeds and the reason behind the curse that torments the two beings. This goes on until Joseph wakes up after having called for help, prompting him to attack Chise for having made him remember his past. But Titania, Elias, Ruth and Spriggan intervenes, which causes Joseph to release his Chimeras and a short battle ensues with Will o' The Wisp, Alice and Renfred joining them seconds later. Joseph makes an escape from the commotion but is pursued by Chise, Ruth and Elias. While in their pursuit, they encounter Marielle who scolds Chise before turning into a bull and helps them chase after Joseph. Chise then finally manages to catch up with the Sorcerer.


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