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Live and let live. (生きて生きる。 Ikite ikiru): is the 24th and final episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Joseph finds himself questioning Chise for having continued to follow him all this way, continuing to clash their viewpoints of life before resulting in having Chise trying to fight him. Joseph evades her attempts but as Chise tries again she is intercepted by Ashen Eye, who reveals about his involvement with Stella and causes Chise to continue her assault. Chise finds herself in a bad situation but is protected by Ruth and Elias. The latter, together with the Jade Ariel, take on the fleeing Ashen Eye and gives Chise the chance to come close to Joseph. She attempts to make him fall asleep but fails and thus gives Joseph the opportunity to strike at her, only to Joseph being ensnared with the help of Elias. Chise sings a lullaby in order to make Joseph fall asleep and fall unconscious soon after.

Chise later finds herself conversing with Cartaphilus and Joseph's curse before waking up in a bed next to Elias. Both of them starts arguing with one another before Silver Lady comes in to hug Chise, before starting again. Chise and Ruth later head off to see Angelica as Elias is found speaking to Simon. Before heading off to London however, Chise heads down a well in order to refresh the water given to the resting Joseph. As she leaves, Ashen Eye appears and comments about the state of events before leaving shortly after. As the apprentice and her Familiar arrive in London, Chise receives a few gifts from Angelica before meeting up with Stella and her family in order to celebrate the two of them. They exchange gifts before Chise heads back home. Elias is then prompted to follow the Jade Ariel to meet up with Chise at the entrance to the Fairy World. When he arrives, he sees Chise in a wedding dress that she had received from Stella while the veil was from Angelica. Chise hands Elias a ring and they both ask for each other's support, renewing their bond as both apprentice and teacher.


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