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The Balance distinguishes not between gold and lead. (天秤は金も鉛も区別しない。 Tenbin wa kin mo namari mo kubetsu shinai): is the 3rd episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Having just arrived at the Dragons' Aerie, Chise Hatori was taken by a dragon and its mysterious rider. As the rider tells her to be patient, Chise tries to recall the events that lead up to her current situation, remembering her conversation about the dragons with Elias.

Once her memories are sorted out, Chise is told by the rider to take a look around the area from which she spots several of the dragons living there. Once they finally arrive, the dragon that captured her drops Chise in the lake from which she's forced to make her way back, encounter the ancient dragon Nevin when she ascends. Elias arrives at the scene and explains that the rider is Lindel, the Caretaker of the Dragons' Aerie.

Elias and Lindel proceed to talk about the situation at the Dragons' Aerie while Chise is tasked to play with the dragon hatchlings. She does just that and after they're finished, Chise makes her way over to the ancient dragon. During their conversation, Nevin peers into Chise's memories but apologizes afterward for doing so. Nevin and Chise then share a dream together before Nevin ultimately passes away and turns into a tree. Chise is left amazed by her moment with Nevin but loses consciousness shortly afterward as she's about to leave with Elias.


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