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The Faerie Queene. (妖精の女王。 Yōsei no joō): is the 6th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Renfred, Alice and Elias are debating with one another while Chise is purifying the stagnation of the lake. While Renfred questions the Mage's motives for buying Chise, Elias retorts back with questions of his own: Questioning how Renfred got ahold of that information, why he is here and who took his arm. Chise interrupts their conversation however as she completes the ritual. As the Alchemists leaves, Chise and Elias discuss the young apprentice's future before passing out.

Two weeks go by and Elias travels into the forest with food, made by Silver, where Chise is still asleep. Simon arrives shortly after as he's worried about her, they bicker for a moment before being Titania appears alongside Spriggan. The Queen sends Simon away due to him being a priest before Oberon is spotted next to Chise. With the King's help, Chise wakes up and is introduced to the King and Queen of the Fae. Sometime after both parties have left, Chise and Elias find Simon on their way home but he's forced to leave mere moments after. Chise goes on to tell Elias that she wishes that his experiment works, he reassures her before they go on to return home.


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